Lunch in the tearoom

Our tearoom serves tea, coffee, lunch, Brunch Tea and Afternoon Tea.  Take a premium imported tea to go or grab a chicken salad croissant. No matter what you snag you'll be glad you took the time to slow down and smell the roses in our elegant tearoom. We can't wait to serve you! No reservation is required for lunch, but if you are a larger party (over 6 people) we ask you to please reserve so that we may serve you better. 

Please see the Tea page for Brunch Tea and Afternoon Tea  & Events page on event rentals.

View our menu below & make your lunch time wish list. We'll see you soon.

 Call 612-688-6962 for reservations or copy and paste link below:


Lunch Menu 


Lemony Dill Salmon Salad $14  

Chopped salmon is gently tossed with  celery, red onions, capers, and dill and  served atop a crisp Caesar Salad. 

The Classic Wedge Salad $12  

Crisp Iceberg Lettuce with an avalanche of  bacon crumbles, diced tomatoes and red onion in tangy Blue Cheese dressing  

Taco Salad $12  

Seasoned ground beef with black beans,  corn, onion, tomato, pico de gallo, cilantro  served on a bed of lettuce with tortilla  strips and Ranch dressing 

 Classic Caesar Salad $12  

Crisp Romaine tossed with Flo’s special  dressing with toasted croutons and shaved  Parmesan. 

Add diced chicken breast $4 

Very Berry Salad $12  

Raspberry, Blackberry and golden raisins,  and crunchy cucumber & feta a top a  spring mix medley with Raspberry  Vinaigrette  

Add diced chicken breast $4

Southern Chicken Salad $12  

A southern classic with pecans, crunchy  celery, golden raisins, delicate grapes and  mayonnaise served atop a spring mix salad  with Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette 

Soups & Scoops

Chicken Wild Rice Soup or Soup of the Day  $7

Scoop of Chicken Salad or Egg Salad           $6


Tarragon Egg Salad $12  

Delicate Tarragon accents this traditional egg  salad on Croissant with a choice of side* 

Chicken Salad Sandwich $12  

A southern classic with pecans, crunchy  celery, golden raisins, delicate grapes and  mayonnaise on a Croissant with choice of side* 

Club Sandwich $14  

Traditional club with layers of ham, turkey,  bacon, lettuce, tomato with mashed avocado &  mayonnaise on lightly toasted sourdough  bread with choice of side * 

Apple Turkey Croissant $14

A croissant with turkey, cheese, apple, mayo and cranberry.  Served with choice of side.

* Soup is $3.00 Additional as a side 

Half Egg or Chicken Salad Sandwich with Cup  of Soup $13  Half Club Sandwich or Apple Turkey Croissant with Cup of Soup $14

Beverages & Sides  

Imported Teas

Pot of Tea $8

Cup of Tea $4

Milk Tea  $4

Lavender Earl Grey, Matcha Green, Coffee, Milk Tea, Thai Tea  

Coffee Drinks  

By the Mug $4

16 oz to go $4

Espresso Single $3 

Cappuccino/Latte $4 

Other Beverages 

Iced Tea Sweet & Unsweetened $3

Coke &Diet Coke $3    


Broccoli Parmesan $5

Caesar Side Salad or Spring Mix $5

Kettle Chips $3 

Hashbrown Casserole $4


Lemon and Pound Cake $5

Brownies $4

Berry Tart $6

Ice Cream Scoop $1


Kids Menu  (for kids under 10 only)

Any Sandwich on Mini Croissant $5

or Waffle Peanut Butter and Jelly



Temple Garden blend of caffeine-free  white teas with mango, strawberry, pine apple, and papaya bits with a delightful  tropical taste. 

Snowflake black tea with aromatic vanilla bean, coconut and toasted almonds. Rich & delightful with  with milk caffeinated and a wonderful  morning or afternoon pick up. 

Sun Dew tropical green sencha tea with  sunflower petals and mango bits slightly  caffeinated excellent with touch of honey.

Mango Tango tropical red rooibos with  mango bits. Caffeine free and wonderful  hot or iced. 

Raspberry Tranquil-i-Tea white tea,  chamomile, raspberry leaf, peppermint &  dried raspberries, make a delightful herb al blend that is tranquil and soothing.

To Life a tropical delight with red &  green rooibos, jasmine dragon pearl  green and silver needle white tea with  rose petals, orange peel, mango bits &  blue corn flower 

To Life Lavender a relaxing blend of red  rooibos, jasmine dragon pearl green and  silver needle white tea with lavender, rose,  and red currant  

To Life Fragrant red and green rooibos, white tea, green tea jasmine pearls, blue cornflower, calendula petals, and tropical mango & peach make an incredible relaxing cup of tea

Persian Blend Earl Grey An excellent  blend of Ceylon, Assam & Darjeeling teas  with Bergamot oil  

Ceylon VSOP a traditional black tea 

Lemon Ginger Oolong Oolong tea with lemon zest & ginger make a wonderful combination hot or iced

Masala Chai A wonderful blend of Ceylon and Assam Teas with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and clove. A traditional Chai that wont disappoint.

Ginger Peach - Green rooibos from South Africa with ginger, peach, mango bits, cactus flower and blue cornflower.


We also serve Beer & Wine